Matthew Scott Hogan, Altanta Georgia. 46 years old.

I met Matthew a year ago, he said he was separated from his wife and was getting a divorce. Turns out he was lying. He is still very much with his wife and the lying scum has four young kids. He said he loves me and wanted to marry me as soon as his divorce is final. But I heard there is no divorce. Its all lies. I also found out that he sleeps with prostitutes. I want nothing to do with this jerk. I hope his wife finds out what he’s been up to and takes him for every dime he’s worth.


11 thoughts on “Matthew Scott Hogan, Altanta Georgia. 46 years old.

  1. Yep I know this a*****e. He hangs out in strip clubs and brothels. He seems like a good guy on the surface but he’s an undercover freak. He would come into my restaurant I work at as a waitress and proposition all the girls with s*x in exchange of money. He sure is really sick because its the same restaurant he would bring his wife and kids to.

  2. Oh I know all about this loser. Why would anyone in their right mind marry this douchebag? He is a regular in strip joints and “massage parlors” you know the kind with happy endings!

  3. Yep sounds like Matt alright. Everyone around town knows him and what he does. Maybe his wife knows too, she can’t be that blind. I heard they’re into threesomes. He’s approached me about it before but I turned him down flat! Beautiful kids though.

  4. Oh I know this gentleman except he is no gentleman. He is bisexual tried picking up both my and my boyfriend and offered us money for s*x which we turned down! He told us that he enjoys licking a woman’s a*****e while getting rammed by a man from behind and offered us $1,500 to fulfill his sick fantasy which we said no to of course.

  5. I know Matt. I use to be in a relationship with his best friend and Matt lived with us. He has always been into prostitutes and paying for s*x. He’s not a good person and neither was his friend Tom. They are both a pair of douchebags! They may have even had s*x with each other him and Tom.

  6. I know him intimately. He’s from Stow, Ohio originally. . He has a really small d**k like 2 inches long when its had. He also has a wart on his tongue. He paid me $300 to have s*x with him a few months ago. He is really good at oral s*x but because of his freakishly small d**k I was unable to enjoy it so he sucked me off. I see him with his wife and kids all the time. I don’t think she’s aware her husband likes men on the side.

  7. He definitely likes men too. He would pay me to get guys for him discreetly. He would also pay me to stick a tampon up his a*s. This guy is a real freak!

  8. He pays for s*x and there’s always s**t stains on his underwear. Once I saw p***y hairs on his teeth while he was coming out of a hooter’s bathroom.

  9. We call him the headmaster because that’s all he is good at. His d**k is too tiny to get anyone off. Theres nothing worse and more gross than a fat ugly guy with a little d**k and its not just regular tiny its literally a stub even when its hard.

  10. He is good at sucking d**k and licking a*s. He enjoys wearing women’s lingerie and high heels shoes and especially a long dark wig. He likes it when men e*******e on his face. He enjoys coming on a man’s a**s and would lick the c*m off the a*****e.

  11. I just happened to google this p***k because unfortunately for me he is my biological father. He took advantage of my mother when she was 16 and he was 30,knocked her up and then abandoned her. I plan on taking his a*s to court for the 18 years of child support he owes me He is living quite the lavish lifestyle with his boring wife and kids. He needs to pay up. My mom had to work two jobs to support me and pay bills and not once did she try to find him to make him pay child support because she has too much class and she was afraid of him. He threatened to have her and me killed if she ever took him to court

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