Matthew Nicolas Constantino Staten Island, New York

Matthew, is not only your typical douchebag, steroid using, hiding in the closest, f**k boy. It all started out with the constant lying and constant stealing. But then it escalated to him putting his hands on me and leaving me a b****y mess. I managed to escape by breaking up with him and moving. But I heard later on about a year ago he assaulted his girlfriend (now ex) she was a really successful model until he slammed a door in her face and stopped her career because he left her with a huge scar on her face, he also assaulted her in the mall parking lot and left her cut up. I heard of other occasions of him hitting her and screaming at her in public, sending her to the hospital numerous of times. He’s just a horrible person. He loves to suck d**k on top of that and act like a f****t just like his brother. He has no shame of being a drug user. He does herion and blues on the regular. He has no control of his life and he’s going to end up like a dope head like his father. So I just wanted to let everyone know to steer clear of this worthless piece of s**t.


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