Matthew K Baumgardner, Houston, Texas

Worst 5 months of my life! Matthew has cheated, manipulated, and abused me. Let me start of first with the cheating. I’ve witness many girls calling and texting him while we were together, and I had to tell those girls to leave him alone. And then he’ll get mad at me for “getting rid of his hoes”. He even admitted to me that he took a girl named Kimberly on a date while me and him were together. That broke my heart so much but I made excuse for him and took him back. Down the road of our relationship, he started to manipulate me once he knew that he had me. He would tell me that I’ll never be anything without him! And he would constantly beat in my head that I was not good enough for his family because I wasn’t white. He made me cry so much, and then turn around and say sorry. The emotional abuse started giving me horrible migraines. And then we get to the physical abuse. He has thrown his phone at me and giving me bruises on my legs (I have pictures of the bruises). And he’s also choked me on the bed to where I lost my breath and my vision for a second. That was enough. I finally told my family about Matthew’s secret angry personality that he hides so well. And the only reason why I didn’t file any police reports against him is because of his existing criminal past and because I still loved him. My family forbids me to see him. Ladies beware of him. Please take into consideration what I am telling you. Please listen to me like I should have listened to my friends. Also just know the girls he cheated on me with, he met through Facebook. My nightmare is finally over now that I’ve seen how ugly he is on the inside and how nasty he is by cheating on the one girl that loved him the most.


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