Matt Steffe

I will make it short and sweet, If I can. This guy meets his women at his Multi Level Networking Meetings that either he holds or he is at. He only like to meet Married Women because he says ( They have as much to loose as he does ) This guy has more then several women that he will juggle around at the same time. He will start off with the women he likes and will begin with suttle text messaging to your phone. He then will throw out a few feelers before he begins his game. The whole moral to the story is HE IS MARRIED AND HAS TWO KIDS. I feel terible for his wife that she has no idea that this scum bag is going to town with other women while shes home with the kids. He thinks its a game. Any women that have run into this man should stay as far a way as possible. I hope and pray he gets whats coming to him one day, I really do. What comes around goes around and I hope carma gets him BAD. Sorry for the ranting. IF you need more details I have it but dont want to go on. I know what business he is in and he has his own website for people to see what he looks like. Just type and you will find him.


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