Mary M Weaver, Drexel, Ohio

one word. deceiving. She sweet talks, plays all the cards rite, gets u to fall head over heels then disappears for days, weeks even a month or 2. She’ll waltz back in like nothing happened. saying it was a misunderstanding she left because she thought you were mad at her and wanted to give u space. meanwhile its nearly impossible to get a hold of her while shes in hiatus! shes a liar, a cheater and a huge heart breaker. don’t let her sweet talk u, don’t even let her near u! shes an ex w***e, no job, has roommates. shes a two-timing douche bag. here your warning guys, stay away from her if you don’t wanna put yourself through this. ive been doing it for 2 years now and im fed up, i cant take it anymore!


One thought on “Mary M Weaver, Drexel, Ohio

  1. this is f*****g pricless i wished i have thought about it first way a go who ever thought of this first thanks mary for sending this to me you cheating b***h.

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