Mary Heney, Toronto, Ontario

This woman walked out on her husband and 2 beautiful children moved hours away from them only to be with a married man she had met online. she has been with several men all married or otherwise involved. even tried to charge 1 with sexual assault. careful guys. she gets off s******g other women s men. I caught her on my man. she met him face to face the first time , and took him into a public washroom of a hotel lobby(neither one could spend the money for a room) and had s*x with him there. from there the adventure continues, coffee shop washrooms behind buildings, on the side of the street from his work. Not once in a bed or in private. Now she has a bf seems like a nice guy but she is still secretly emailing my man. I have all of them. Poor guy she is seeing . She tells my man that when her bf kisses and touches her she pretends its my man.


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