Marva Amos, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies, Caribbean

Marva Catherine Amos who is from the island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies/Caribbean and who is also known as Marva Amos as well is a very wicked and deceptive individual as a whole. Marva in certain situations has been known to twist the truth so that the twisting of that truth would end up being of a benefit to her in the long run even if it means that another individual or person is put at a disadvantage because of it. She is a low-down schemer, manipulator, hypocrite, backstabber, and conspirator and in addition she has been known to also be well able to hide many things even from her employers as well. Beware of this conniving and highly manipulative woman who is indeed a trap and a wolf in sheep’s clothing as an impostor. She is also a cheater (having cheated in the past)-That Wicked Jezebel and Wench-known again as none other than Marva Catherine Amos (or Marva Amos).


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