Martin Strickson, Middlewich,Cheshire, UK

dumped me twice, MANIPULATIVE AND CONTROLLING!!, ANALLY RAPED ME AFTER I WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF BOOZE AFTER HAVING JUST COME OUT OF HOSPITAL FOR TREATMENT (THEREFORE I COULDNT HAVE VAGINAL S*X)!! yes its still rape, was really drunk and out of it and he knew it he was sober and i had told him i wasnt into a**l!! dumped me 3rd time (and last)after my car broke down and he had my keys and all my things and then refused to help bring all my things back to me where i lived a 3hr drive away!! insulted and slagged me on fb claiming i was a stalker ex when all i was trying to do was get him to answer my calls to get my things back! coward actually took a week to tell me i was dumped, yes actually ignored my calls about my car getting fixed for a whole week under the “im too depressed to answer your calls at the moment, il talk to you when i feel better “)


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