Martin Stoddard, Portland, Gresham, Beaverton Oregon

Well he may be handsome but what a total piece of C**p Martin is, He is Lazy, a heavy Drinker ( morning till night) he prays on people with low self esteem & builds you up to make you feel better about yourself then start to care for him, then he totally manipulates you, I met Martin several years prior when he stripped for my Moms Birthday, Then after many years i ran into him at a bar next to the one where he stripped for my mom unfortunately this was the day that my mom had passed away, We had a short conversation exchanged numbers and parted ways, then we talked on the phone several times & i hired him to strip for a friends birthday, after that we chatted alot he was always flattering and complimenting me,which made me feel good as i was in a abusive marriage scared always put down and felt there was no way i could support my daughter & myself. I had been mentally,verbally, physically abused to the point i started believing all the negative put downs i was broken, Then along comes Martin telling me how great i am and how much i deserve better i started feeling better about myself at the same time falling in Love with him, i kept that to myself but still had a friendship with martin, He also was in a Relationship with a Man at the time,Yes he is bisexual. I got a chunk of money from my moms estate shortly after i got a call at 2am from drunk martin who needed to get out of his house so i got up drove to pick him up & we talked all night long shortly after that night i left my husband got a place and Martin and i began our relationship. I worked two jobs he didnt work at all for months, then i ended up getting him a resume but he still had no job so i also had to do all the applications for him & he got a job aftet 1 year of me supporting us. That job lasted less then a year, we then did a side job painting a house in vancouver wa in exchange for a pickup truck (martin had no car) we got the truck then i had to pay for all the transfer fees.tags,title,DEQ, insurance, tires, then he had a vehicle again when he left his boyfriend he only had clothes the car he drove was not his. I then paid for us to live in hotels for 7 months and once again i had to do all the work to get him a job, he finally did get a job in gresham with a free apartment so we moved & i had a hour commute to work i had already spent my inheritance money,and eventully sold my moms car she gave me to keep a roof over our heads so i was on public transportation now, martin borrowed thousands of dollars throughout our 3year relationship never paid back a dime,he blew EVERY CENT he made in the poker machines & at local bars he couldnt even pay for his own smokes but i was so “Twitterpated” I just wanted love i thought i had that until i found him cheating with a phylis Diller look alike while he had me painting apartments for him as if my two jobs were not enough, so i decided to move out & i did the night i left he got a DUII and our truck was impounded, i had no idea how long he would be in jail as he was in default of his child support and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars from skipping out on his debt from the three children he had but never took responsibility for,then the fact that this was his 3rd DUII I figured he would be held for awhile, he called where i was staying to tell my roommate he still loved me, i was so madly in love with him to,i didnt want him to lose our truck so i paid all fees total of $700 left him a msg & got the truck out for him…. Then to my surprise he got out had me arrested for srealing our truck lied to the police and i got 3 felonys i am so glad that Karma exsists because she will find him, after all that i did for this spineless poor excuse of a man and all the money i spent including a $26000.00 inheritance. Then you do this how can you sleep at night no wonder you are a Raging Alcoholic you my friend have a rude awakining if you ever sober up and actully look at yourself in the mirror, you are pathetic & so is that Phylis diller looking dude your with.. Yikes!!!! Thats one i wouldnt want to see when i sober up… Anyone who is in contact with Martin Stoddard Beware he Cheats He Lies He Sucks!!! He is Lazy. He is irresponsible, He is Worthless , Worthless, Worthless.



4 thoughts on “Martin Stoddard, Portland, Gresham, Beaverton Oregon

  1. I dated & was a roomie of Martins in the late 70’s & early 80’s, doesn’t sound like he has changed. Sorry you had to find out the hard way!

  2. I’m his daughter. I don’t have much to say but I hope if he ever sees this post he also sees my comment and knows I’ve seen it too.

  3. This comment is fo l the innocent daughter who commented… I just wanted to say that you ate most likely better off withoutl Martin in your life he is to selfish and never could be man enough to take responsibility for the children he fathered, Be thankful that the man who stepped up and raised you is a MAN all Martin was capable of was being a sperm donor.. You see some Men are much to stupid to see what a blessing s child is they are the the ones who lose because they realize to late and you can’t get back that time. A Real Man Takes care of his children and Is Responsible. Your Sperm dinar is a Lost Boy who won’t grow up & will never amount to anything & most likely will drink himself into the ground, You on the other hand are Beautiful and will grow up to accomplish whatever you put your heart to the Skyd the Limit just beware not to marry a loser like the sperm dinar & you will be Fine..

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