Martin James Palasz, Daytona Beach/Fort Myeres, Florida

I met Martin “James” Palasz via an online dating site and we hit it off immediately. Lots of tecting, emails and phone calls. Our relationship developed very quickly and soon we were making plans to move in together and plan for a wedding.

James told me he was born in Canada but came to the US to live. He said he had recently lost his wife who was several year older than he was, and that he was just getting back into dating again. He told he had been an over the road truck driver but had to end that job to take care of his wife who had breast cancer. He also told me that as a young man he had been repeatedly abused by his step father and that he was worried for his half brother. He said he and his wife lived in remotes areas of Canada while married because she was a teacher.

Mind you I lived in NY and he lived in FL. The plan was for me to fly down to Daytona Beach to meet him and then drive his car back to NY where we would get an apartment in my home town. I offered to send him money a head of time so he could have mechanical things taken care of on his car so it would be road ready for our drive.

When I arrived in Daytona, I was shocked to see that James did not entirely resemble the photos he had sent me, he was about 150 pounds heavier. Not wanting that to be a deciding factor, I over looked that. We drove from the airport to Fort Myers where he showed me around, we got a hotel room (which I paid for) for the night and the next morning we went to breakfast (which I paid for). We walked around fort Myers Beach and took a drive to Sanibal Islan where we had lunch (which I paid for) Are you getting the idea here?

I think what made me realize something was not on the up and up with James was he did not have any suitcase or belongings in the car. I thought well maybe after touring Fort Myers we were going to drive back to his condo and get his things, boy was I wrong!

After leaving Fort Myers, we went and had an oil change done on his car, replaced the wiper blades and filled it with gas. Then I saw a tattoo parlor and went and made an apt for a tattoo later that evening. After changing clothes we went to the tattoo parlor where James helped me pic out a tattoo. While waiting for my turn James got a phone call from a “friend.” The plan was for James to go pick up his friend and then drive back to the tattoo parlor to get me. Afterward we were all supposed to go out and have a few drinks.

James left that tattoo parlor, but he NEVER CAME BACK FOR ME!

He ignored all my phone calls. The guy that did my tattoo was kind enough to give me a ride back to my hotel. I kept calling James and he finally answered and went into this big speel how I was not the person he thought I was, how as a “Christian” man he could not condone my getting a tattoo, nor could he have my bi-racial children in his house. Now please know this, I never hid the fact that my children were bi-racial and James had assured me that he was not prejudiced.

Oh this did not go over well with me. I went up one side and down the other on this man. I told him that no true Christian man would ever treat a lady like this and that when he went before G*d he had a lot of explaining to do and told him to loose my number and to never call me again.

So here I was stranded at a hotel in Florida. I packed my bags, called a cab to the airport and went home.

My main reason for posting this story is to hope that no other woman would fall prey to this scamming sob. Since then I have found that he has done this type of thing to other women and uses different names such as James Palasz, Martin J Palasz, Martin Brinkman.


2 thoughts on “Martin James Palasz, Daytona Beach/Fort Myeres, Florida

  1. Well, here we go again….can’t read these without commenting! I too was manipulated by this man! Martin “James Palasz is a Great con artist….He will make you feel like your the only woman in the world, he will tell you he’s made his share of mistakes….but man enough to admit it!
    He’s a changed man and living a Christian life now!

    Sad to see he never changes and continues to live as a liar, a Cheat, a thief,manipulator the list is long! Instead of working for a living, he will use you to live ….He he will p**n your things or steal them from you, make you think you lost “things”….. I thought I was “special” and our little trips were our special places…Ha! Come to find out we have all been taken to the same places!! Fort Myers ,Daytona,Kingsport,Pigeon Forge,Gatlinburg,Smokey mountains,another sad fact is most all of us have been Stranded in a state far away from home in most cases…left to find our own way home! I guess he figures no big deal He will be forgiven thru the blood of Christ….so very sad he actually believes it!!

    He is currently working on his next several women…praying they read this and realize he doesn’t want to change!

  2. I find it very interesting that this person who is slandering Mr. Palasz is doing it in a third party and is trying to do it like a shotgun trying to hit something. Making unfounded allegations based on their own imaginations. This person has no life, no purpose, except to spread unfounded allegations over the internet. If Mr. Palasz is trying to obtain a faith base perhaps more focus should be aimed on him trying verses negative thoughts against him. I commend Mr. Palasz for remaining silent. Silent is sometimes more powerful than this.

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