Markas Bowden — Chicago, Illinois

Guilty Liar! Believe nothing he says! Ladies, ladies. The only truth he told maybe his name and who knows that could be a lie, too. This suave Gerald Levert wannabe claims to own real estate business, many properties and various other businesses. None of this checks out. He claims to have lots of money. He also claims to chop all over the world, but I have seen evidence of a few tired outfits. He claims to be a widower raising his daughter on his own, but his dead OB GYN wife surfaced for a visit. I am wondering if he even knows the truth at this point. He also claims to know the Lord that is the biggest lie. He also claims to play the organ for various churches, no evidence of this has surfaced, either. Although he has ‘choir boy’ tendencies, his musical career is surely just one of his other lies. He drives a late model Black Benz though he claims to have a Brand New Escalade his sister drives. Don’t be fooled by his charm and face. He is the face of Erectile Dysfunction and a total waste of time. Lastly, he has stalker tendencies, he will BLOW UP your phone and drive around looking for your car. Ladies Beware. This Public Service announcement is brought to you by one sister who is sick of Bullish.


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