Mark Lancor Ft Lauderdale, Florida

He reels women in with promises of love and marriage. he will cry like a baby and say he depressed and looking for his soulmate, his queen but it is all a lie! He will tell you he loves you after a few weeks of knowing you when he has no intention of being faithful. He uses Plenty of Fish to cheat and sleep around with women. He doesn’t use a condom with anyone and has multiple stds. He also is deep in debt from all of the dates and flights that he uses to try to get women. He lies about his age, he’s 40, and tries to cover up his huge bald spot in the middle of his head. He lies about everything and doesn’t know how to be honest. Women always fall for it but they learn their lesson sooner or later. He’s married twice and both wives divorced him for cheating. Don’t be one of those. Beware Ladies!


2 thoughts on “Mark Lancor Ft Lauderdale, Florida

  1. Are you just hurt? Maybe you just weren’t the one. Mark and I have been f*****g for years…we have this magnetic attraction for each other. No matter how far we drift apart we always end up back around each other some how. You only make yourself look like a desperate hurt loser who can’t handle rejection. By the way, I f****d him again last weekend and we are hanging out again this weekend. So get over it tramp

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