Mark Brunton, Katy, Texas

Please beware of Mark Brunton of Katy Texas. I was engaged to him and found out he cheated on me while we were engaged. He is on, POF, s*x, date a and adult friend finder. I met him on POF after he had contacted me and immediately the red flags kept popping up. First he lied to me about still being married, saying he wasn’t when he was. Then he lied to me about how many times he had been married. I guess I would have been number three if he hadn’t cheated on me and lied. If you are online dating please beware of this man and his lies and games. Hes a total manipulator and isn’t worth your time. If hes speaking you can bet hes lying. He was also verbally abusive to me constantly calling me a s**t and a w***e. This poor excuse for a man has three daughters. Lets hope no one ever treats them the way their father thinks its OK to treat women.


4 thoughts on “Mark Brunton, Katy, Texas

  1. Lerin, you are a dumb b***h. You married a firefighter…..good luck with that. He now lives with me and I am the woman of his dreams. You just couldn’t do it for him with your crazy eyes!

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