Mark A Block Clinton,MN

Mark Block is cheating on his most recent girlfriend S. Paulson of ND. Its either her addiction to pot or desperate nature, to tell me she can live with Mark cheating on her, and she would send him to me to love, since he doesn’t love her. Mark told me he did not cheat on S.Paulson, and who shows up on my doorstep within a few hrs.? ? You got it! Mark Block, and he was all over my body before the door was closed…Mark, did you really think I would believe you werent going to cheat on your newest chew toy? Really? LOL, thats absurd to think I’d believe YOU or the million and 1 lies you tell every single day WITHOUT FAIL! Your job has always been to abuse women, substances, and hhhmmm, the rest of that sentence doesn’t need to be stated ATM…
You cheated on me for 2 years- I knew there was not a chance in h**l you would not cheat on every woman that crossed your path. The notorious Mark Block is not only a raging alcoholic, but S.Paulson has helped him become a marijuana abuser… If Marks talking you can bet your bottom dollar there are 5 lies in every 8 sentences. Yes, I have collected data, texts, and audio video to back up everything I’ve stated here..Mark once said he could get me for slander, I’m like really? Mark was happy to tell the stories of Suzy’s financial problems/bankruptcy, and the court system, and her medical history…how she’s trying to get on disability…Nothing is out of bounds for Mark, he has no problems telling all he wants about whoever has confided in him. Seriously Mark, make my dam day..cause at the end of the day I have proof to back it all up…so MARK BLOCK is still and always going to be a drunk, cheating, abuser of anyone he makes a promise to..he even promised on his Mother’s headstone, that he had not or would never cheat on me…Really? Yes, thats how low he goes! He was trying to resolve matters with me, so I told him to send his brother a message stating he cheated on me…i can just imagine the fabulous story he told to get himself out of that situation with his brother..what he does to people is tragic, and if you havent seen some one fall out of bed before…book a night with him… It’s pitiful to see someone get that drunk day after day…yep, and I have the t-shirt to prove it.
Watch out Minnesota, Mark thinks he’s so much more important than anyone else or their mortal lives, he drives drunk daily. I truly find it hard to believe that he can have many DWI’s and still not have it take… I dont have a clue why he cheats on every woman, but he does, he will and always be a lying cheating, drunk, and now a born again stoned f**k up! Thank you Mark Block, it was such an honor to have been involved with a complete and utter a*s! You somehow think you enrich people’s lives by how truly horrific you treat women. I seriously know you arent going to walk out of this life without serious penance. I blamed myself for your poor choices for a long time, but that’s ridiculous- you don’t care what destruction you left in me, or anyone else…because you are ALL THAT, JUST ASK YOU! No Block, you are not the worst I can do….lol ok, it probably was…am I done yet? Nope, h**l hasn’t froze over yet! Bring it on Block, you had such a good time destroying me. I have s**t that you don’t want me to do or say, but just give it time, and it will all be out there..I can promise you that! I don’t have a problem producing any and all s**t that you have stated, and sadly enacted…so, the next excerpt can be all about your uncle, or other sordid s**t that made you the cruelest, 6, cheating, lying man alive. Honestly, why do people have to lie and cheat through their life…your story is: because you’re just that f*****g important! Yeah, thats what I thought, you don’t care how much you hurt people…you’ve already lost Mark…thats on you! I will never forget the pathetic reason you gave me for why you cheated during your marriage, the woman you cheated with.. just wore you down.. I bet it took all of a nano second for you to be worn down, as you clung to your morals… You have no moral principles! You were preening the last time I saw you, at the sight of what you had done to me. Bravo Mark!
Just a few days ago, Mark had cheated on S.Paulson again, and all I can say he cheated on me, he cheated with me again…I told Mark to tell Suzy there isn’t a leash long enough to keep him in his own yard. S.Paulson is so paranoid, and she really just needs to realize Mark will always cheat, and lie his way through a relationship….she somehow thought after he cheated on her the first time, that it would never happen again! *it will be a cold day in h**l before that happens* Mark Block Will always cheat….now not only is he drunk, but he’s also stoned on top of his drunk mind…LOL He’s a f*****g train wreck!


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