Marjorie Conforti

Beware of this Vixen. She will post things on her facebook about romance and waiting for the perfect guy, but it is all a severe setup! Trust me. I dated this woman briefly and she was a hot mess. She invited me immediately over to her house after a few conversations, and it was on. We didnt hesitate having s*x and I will admit, she was good. What bothered me was that I fell asleep and she woke me up over 100 times with her emmaculate snoring. It was so loud, I felt like i was sleeping next to the interstate. I woke up and went into the bathroom for the first time that evening and what i found shocked me. She had a few boxes of monistat on a table across from the bathroom. It wasn’t hard to ignore because her bathroom was tiny. Also, I found a used condom in the trash and when I dug further, i found another one. WTF did I just walk into? I decided to be the stupidest man on the planet and continue to see her in hopes I was dreaming. In the next few weeks, I would endure games, lying and most of all, she had a fixation of wanting to falsely call the police on her ex husband. This person is a psycho and her dreams of wanting to ruin her ex’s life chased me away. Besides her cheating and texting many other men, I had enough. I walked away and as punishment, i found myself on Plenty of Fish and she was there again. But, this time she would falsley claim to the website that I was bothering her and it showed how truly psycho she is. JORIE CONFORTI/ MARJORIE CONFORTI is a raging psycho and she needs professional help. DO NOT GO NEAR HER and I did get tested at the local clinic in Springhill and luckily I didnt catch anything. I pray for all her victims and I hope you all see this and realize she is a player, a liar and most certainly a vindictive tramp. Anyone responding to this in favor of Jorie is the psycho herself and you have ruined alot of mens lives….do us all a favor and move somewhere else. Be as detailed as possible. We want all of the juicy details.


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  1. This little douche bag has spread his narcissistic bag of stalker filth from his inbred place of origin in Louisiana St. Tammany Parish, to Boston, to Texas, to several counties in Florida including Hillsborough, Hernando and Pinellas. He has several arrests on file, according to an internet search of his name Shawn Lee Wallis D.O.B 05/01/1973. A recent arrest is for probable cause Domestic Violence. Louisiana States Attorney’s office has a open case against him for stalking and harassment. Hillsborough County alone, has his name associated with several woman, who have had to charge him with Stalking, Domestic violence, etc. This loser, is a narcissistic worm, who will one day find he has bitten off more than he can chew, I his perpetual need to punish every woman who discovers what a poor excuse for a man he is. Write a book about this one Shawn. These woman have painted a much more accurate depiction of you, than your previous attempts ever did. The truth hurts, doesn’t it???

    Head this message as a warning Shawn, you have crossed a few very resourceful and intelligent woman that have teamed up together to shut you down and warn every woman about you!! You can try and hide behind your fake accounts and fake names or your anonymous posts. But, you have made mistakes and we have all the proof we need to shut you down.

    Here is a list of names to prove what we have knowledge of who you have been stalking and trying to slander and defame so far,

    Tracy Newman Weatherford
    Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson
    Justine Burke
    Lyndsay Pfenning Stradtner
    Marjorie Conforti
    Jorie Conforti
    Kimberly Kerwin
    Olin Mott Family (Lisa and Jennifer Mott)
    Megan Elaine Jenkins

    Just because you are rejected by these woman does not give you the right to slander, defame or attack them. It is disgusting and vial your behavior and poor excuse for a human being. This will be going on blast along with photos of you just like all you do to these woman the only thing is everything written about you is true and public record. Your opinion of these woman and then trying to make fake accounts to sound like other people have had the same run in with them is deplorable and as a writer you should know a forensic analyst can determine similar writing styles that help afford to give you up since you also post and publish so much about your self. You are demented enough to probably like and feed off the attention. But, we have decided to exhausted every available avenue to expose you for the sorry pathetic disgusting poor excuse of a human being that you are. This included reviews for your books and your readers to follow, google, facebook, news and media out lets. Its time, you realize enough is enough and time for your to do some damage control before the authorities tie you up on criminal and civil charges. I wonder what your publishing company will say when they receive all the evidence compiled against you. Doubt they want to promote a sick stalker that preys on vulnerable woman on dating sites and craigslist!

    Anyone else interested in helping or have information in regards to this narcissistic piece of garbage please feel free to contact us at

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