Mario Luigi Centofanti: San Antonio, TX / Abigail “Abbie” Steele: Austin, TX

Mario Centofanti has enough good qualities (decent looking, pretty smart, sometimes funny) to be quite charming when he wants to be. And he’s definitely smart enough to use that charm to make things seem not as bad as they really are. But here are the facts: He’s a divorced, nearly thirty year old male who still lives with his parents (because he can’t support himself), has barely any friends (which he freely admits on his Meetup profile), and barely sees his kids. Not only that, but he has absolutely no respect for women, which I unfortunately learned the hard way.

There’s a lot of stuff I excused because he’s charming and he knows how to get people to like him. Like with his kids, he only sees them once a year. Yes, they’re far away, but lots of dads have kids they have to fly to see and manage to see them more. And since his family has no problem supporting him, I’m pretty sure if he asked them for help with plane fare, they’d gladly provide it. At one point, he even admitted to me that he was sort of glad that he didn’t live with his kids so he could focus on himself. But with the way he said it, I thought he felt bad about it and was just going through a self discovery phase in his life. He had been treating me so well up until that point (or so I thought), I didn’t want to be judgmental. In hindsight, I should have seen that as a huge red flag. But I’ll admit that that did always sit a bit uneasy in the back of my mind (I actually volunteer with children), and was part of why I didn’t try to make things more serious with him sooner. I felt like that was something we really needed to discuss when we got to know each other better.

Like any reasonable woman, I asked him pretty early on why he got divorced. He tried to pin it all on his ex wife, saying that she changed and turned into her mother. And he got so angry about it. You could just tell he had this deep hatred for her. Yeah, it seemed a bit excessive, but at the time, he was treating me better than most guys I’d dated had. But here’s the truth. He was the one who did her wrong. His ex wife has a blog, in which she reveals that they rushed into marriage because she got pregnant pretty early on. They didn’t even have a proper wedding. He somehow convinced her to move cross country with him and helped ruin her relationship with her parents along the way. After she made this huge life change for him, he became less reliable with work. Then at one point, he had an affair, most likely with Abbie Steele, whom he met and worked with at JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa. Weirdly enough, his ex wife forgave him for the affair, but when she was pregnant with their second child, a girl, she realized she had to end the marriage because she didn’t want her daughter to think that was how women should be treated. Yet Mario sees her as the bad guy? Keep in mind this woman is raising two kids on her own (one of which is autistic, which Mario didn’t think to mention), with barely any input from him.

When it came to my time with him, he seemed really into me, but over time seemed to have less and less energy. He kept saying he was stressed out and tired. We still communicated every day, and again, he was good to me when we were together. So I believed what he told me. I didn’t want to be one of those paranoid women who couldn’t trust what her guy was telling her, especially when he was so nice to me (or so I thought). He had really great manners too. So he knows what acceptable behavior is. Which makes the way he treats women even more inexcusable. I missed a lot and didn’t fault him for becoming more distant because I wanted to be able to trust him.

We had pretty conflicting work schedules, but we still made time to see each other a few days a week, and for a little bit on the weekends. The last weekend we were “together”, I didn’t see him because he said he was feeling sick. Looking back now, I’m fairly certain he was lying. He had to reschedule some plans with me the week after supposedly because of a last minute family get together, so he came to this other event I was already going to with friends the next night. I had invited him, but warned him that it may not be his kind of thing, so I’d be okay if he didn’t want to. He offered to come after he had to cancel on me, even promising me he’d take me to his family’s restaurant (Luciano’s) the following week, since we were originally supposed to go there.

I noticed him acting distant again, but this time, also texting someone a lot while he was with me. I know he’s smart enough to know that’s rude, and since he was doing it right in front of me, I asked him who it was. He just said it was a friend. Since we hadn’t had this conversation before, I asked him, “You’re not seeing someone else, are you?” His response? “Not yet.” Then he immediately took it back and said he was kidding. A number of other events made the evening a bit sour. We had to basically change what we were doing at the last minute. At the end of the night, I felt bad and texting him that I was sorry about the evening because I thought I ruined it, but he said it was all good with a little smiley face at the end. And we told each other good night. That was the last I ever heard from him.

The next day was literally the first day since we exchanged phone numbers that I didn’t hear from him. I didn’t want to be paranoid, but I felt like something was wrong. I wasn’t originally going to make plans with him that weekend (it was particularly hectic for me), but I asked him the day after, Friday, if he had any plans that night. No response, but I noticed he was no longer my Facebook friend. I asked him if he unfriended me, and then he blocked me. Both on Facebook and on his phone. I felt horrible. I thought that I had done something wrong, and I pleaded for him to talk to me. Eventually, I resorted to getting a mutual friend to talk to him for me since he wouldn’t respond to me.

Once he read the Facebook message she sent asking what happened with me, he blocked her too. But she saw that he was in a new Facebook official relationship with Abbie Steele right after that. Not only that, but the “start” date was the day after I last saw him. So the day after he told me he wasn’t seeing anyone else, he was in a relationship with another girl. And didn’t even have the b***s to tell me. Decided it was better to ignore me and block me instead.

Once I found out, I was livid, and I also felt bad for the girl he was dating because he was obviously dating us at the same time. Nobody immediately rushes into a relationship with someone they just met. I sent her messages on Facebook to warn her, and there was no response at first, but a few weeks later, she responded, and I finally put the pieces together. She claimed that there was no overlap, that she had known him for years and that they had just reconnected and somehow fell into a relationship the first time they saw and talked to each other in eight months. Yeah, right. She had to be who he was texting that last night I saw him, and why, for the first time since we started dating, he couldn’t hang out at all that previous weekend. On Valentine’s Day weekend, he had made plans, supposedly with his best friend, but canceled them for me when I said I wanted to see him. How much you wanna bet they were with her originally? After all, why would two guys make plans to go out on Valentine’s Day weekend?

But her trying to convince me that Mario really isn’t that bad and that I shouldn’t be so upset made me realize what a horrible person she was too, and why they ended up together. She said she was with him through his divorce. I know that when they worked together and most likely met (information easily found on Facebook), he was married to his ex wife. And when I pointed out that he cheated on his wife, she didn’t seem fazed by that at all. In fact, she just said that because he’s a man he’s flawed, insinuating that men shouldn’t be held to such “high” standards. And the only conclusion that I could draw from that was that she was his mistress when he was married. She kept saying he was a good man without anything to back that up. She talked more about what she’d done for him than what he’d done for her. She left Texas for a while, and supposedly he was the reason she came back. If it was such an epic love, why did they break up? He mentioned a “crazy” ex that got mad at him for not texting her back soon enough. Based on the eight month timeline, I’m fairly certain that was her.

She had the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t be so upset about what happened, and that I should find a way to release my anger because it isn’t healthy. Well, here it is, homewrecker. He didn’t have very nice things to say about you when you weren’t together. Let’s be honest, this relationship isn’t going to last. It’s obvious she’s more into him than he’s into her. She changed her profile picture to one of the two of them; he kept his the same. She made the relationship Facebook official. She moved cross country for him, just like his ex wife did. Look how that ended up. The girl is an idiot, insanely delusional, and practically misogynistic. She has no problem with cheaters, and is likely one herself.

In case you know multiple people by these names, he works in quality control at the O’Reilly Auto Parts warehouse in San Antonio, and she works in the pastry department at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin. Since their relationship will implode pretty quickly, avoid them at all costs when you’re dating. H**l, he’s probably cheating on her stupid a*s right now. And to think, she’s proud of this loser.


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