Maribel Ochoa, Perris, California

I was with someone for five years and I had to leave for four month during that time he met this s***k and sold everything I owned. When I finally came home, oh and let me say the whole time I was gone we spoke weekly and never anything was said so I get home, (the house we lived in I grew up in my mother left it to me) and this s***k is parked in my drive way! I gave her seconds to leave and told her never to come back! She left and I confronted him he said nothing and left also. I seen that everything was gone so I left to go stay with a friend and about a week I came back and she was there again! This time I tried to attack her but my now ex wouldn’t let me! Some friend also were there and wouldn’t let me so she sneaks away again unharmed. I start asking questions and come to find out she knew about me all along and saw all my things there and didn’t care! She was also warned that I’m a little crazy and not to go there with me that shed regret it but she did! Karmas a b***h isn’t it? Anyways after that my ex got arrested and is now in county jail! This girl is gross and she is going to feel my wrath! I’ll keep you posted.


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