Maria Abreu, Methuen, Massachusetts

This is Maria Abreu, she is from Methuen MA. She’s a 23 years old girl who’s been sleeping with someone else’s husband. She had a boyfriend but decided to dump him and got with a man that has a family. She knows at that time, that man’s wife was pregnant even met the wife but she didn’t cared and still spread her legs for him. After the wife finds out and the man txt her and said to her he didn’t want anything to do with her anymore, she responds with a “seriously I thought everything was going good ” wow this b***h really have some nerve. She’s only 23 and she act like there’s only 1 man on this earth. What made it worst was she met the pregnant wife and their son that they have together. She’s nothing but a d**k hungry homewrecker. I want people who’s living around the area to be aware of her. Who knows who’s husband she’s messing around with now.


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