Mandy Srenaski, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Had a very serious relationship. Showed me pictures of divorce papers, told me she moved out, picked out baby’s names talked family and moving in together. Hung out and got intimate 2-3 times per week from September 2012 until I outted her to her husband in November 2014 when I found out they were happily married and trying to get pregnant. She brought her new born nephew to my house to meet me, brought me to her parents house while they were out of town. Dog sat my dog..Four times I broke up with her for leaving him. Every time she came back a week later crying like crazy and begging me to take her back. I pleaded with her to make up her mind and told her it wasn’t fair to him or I…instead she lied to keep us


3 thoughts on “Mandy Srenaski, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  1. How did this information end up here? I posted it to cheaterregistry and I have since had it removed. This is information that I wrote and it should not be on this site.

  2. This post was mistakenly linked to the wrong name and I had to fight to get it removed from cheater registry. The person listed on this site has nothing to do with the cheating described. I have no idea how this site obtained this information but the author of this statement never gave permission for it to be posted here and now it is doing damage to someone that had nothing to do with it. This post should be removed

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