Maka Tcheishvili ( Nia) ( Maria)… TBILISI, GEORGIA

This girl met me and saw my nice house and cars, and instantly fell in love with me, and made me me fall in love with her.
She was working in Dubai where I am from, then decided to travel back to her country Georgia. She kept asking me to send her money as a loan because her mother was sick and she promised she would pay me back as soon as she is back to her work in Dubai. I sent her a total of 10000 USD, for her mother’s heart operation. After she got the money she stopped talking to me and disappeared. I knew all her friends, her sisters, so I was able to track her down. I then found out that her mother did not have any heart operation and that it was all a lie, and that her previous job in dubai was prostitution, she was getting paid 400 USD for a full night with different clients daily.
I sued her in court because I was able to get from her a voice recorded confession. And things seem to be going my way, court hearing will be on June, 25th,2016.

She is the best manipulater and liar on earth. And this is what she has been doing for the past 5 years, she comes to dubai for prostitution, and tries to meet a rich guy, then applies the same trick on him, takes the money and disappears.


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