madison /madi villela Las vegas NV

I see this isn’t her first time here. This female is loose as h**l. Hooked up a few times and thought it was getting serious until I found her with another dude
Now I have herpes and she won’t take my call. Wanted to cuss her out for giving it to me
This is a warning my dudes this birch is nasty.


2 thoughts on “madison /madi villela Las vegas NV

  1. Yo I seen this girl for a minute. She all over man. She get big *ucked up and call in the middle of the night for booty calls and then when u get there she wanna start s**t but wanna *uck anyway. She crazy man . She get high as h**l and drink more than a dude and be talking trash . Brags that she destroyed a family and laughs all evil.she cray man. Stay away. She think she cute sending pix after she hit that dope.

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