lyndsy davis san jose california

This b***h cheated on her first husband and now shes cheating on her second husband with me!! I would steer clear of tis one as soon as she gets caught she will all the police and play inocent but really shes just a cheater and likes to play games!! Typical arrogant selfish w***e!!



2 thoughts on “lyndsy davis san jose california

  1. This dumb ho is a game player and will screw you over the second you confront her!! Beware shes got herpes!!

  2. Posting false allegations can be considered defamation of character and I will find you guilty of this. I am tired of this lurking on the Internet, falsely accusing me of being a cheater and so on. I do not have herpes and I’m not a w***e. Anyone in their right mind will call the police on you if you try to commit suicide in their garage or break into their home, glue their locks, punch out the television, need I continue? Please remove this slander or I will be forced to go to court over this nonsense.

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