Lucien Powell, Dover, Delaware

The irony of a Godly man being a cheater and hypocrite is pathetic. Lucien Powell has cheated on every female that he has ever been involved with. There is his 1st Baby Mom, whom he knocked up at 16 years old (he was 18 yrs old). His 2nd Baby Mom/ex-wife, who he married, but still ran around on for over 2 years. Then multiple girlfriends and other encounters. He swears that the one, but he wants to marry everyone, buy them cars and give them children, but he doesn’t believe in shared custody (he wants his children as crazy as him) so if you have slept with him, consider not telling him if you ever get that sign and if this doesn’t make you want to run for the hills than keep in mind that his d**k is small , he doesn’t know what to do with it and in a worst-case-scenario, swallow to avoid any real issues. If you have any love or respect for yourself, Just steer clear of him because remember, aside from child support and wild family members, there are crazier women on his coat tail.


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