Lori Kennemer, Fort Worth, Texas

Lori Kennemer is Realtor with a company called Brants Realtors or brants.com serving and scamming people from the Fort Worth area…Lori Kennemer is married to my best friend for over 9 years. In that time, she made out with a few different guys, sexted me and tried to deny it, hooked up with her ex a couple of times, and in the last few months alone, hooked up with 16 different guys. All this time, my buddy was working like a dog 200 hours a month, paid all the bills, and took care of the yard and housework in the evenings. She blew all the money. Shes leaving him, and hasn’t even had the guts to tell him. I had to let him know that. This b***h deserves everything s****y in her life, and I look forward to hearing about her failing miserably when karma catches up to her a*s. This is my small contribution to seeing that happen. She has been s**t for years. Sleeping with people almost every night. Caught her in person when i went to surprise her and found her giving someone a b*****b outside her house that she was selling. Dont get fooled with her face, 100 s**t underneath!

Lori Kennemer
Brants Realtors
Office (817) 731-8466
Cell (817) 597-8589
Fax (817) 731-1573


2 thoughts on “Lori Kennemer, Fort Worth, Texas

  1. Hi there! I found this post very interesting as I was doing some digging on a w***e with this same first and last name from the same city. She trolls trucker CB apps (like Zello) she has trapped many of men on there and was basically stalking my husband. He was stupid for a bit and swapped inappropiate photos with her. Never met her, we live over a thousand miles away. She has been posting on her slutty app daily about he and I….all lies. She cannot keep them all straight. She went as far as to lie to him saying she has breast cancer then admitted she lied about it. Who the h**l does that?? The only thing is this woman told him she was a nurse. Buy what are the chanes of two women with the exact same name in the same city both to be s***s like this. Its gotta be the same woman!! If so I back your comments and can add completely psycho to it!! All the men on this Zello app have a name for her….she is WELL known on there…and not in a good way!!

  2. That is my sister your are commenting on but I’m not sure how well you know her. If you are serious about your comments please call me so we can talk about this. I want the best for Mike and my niece and nephew so if this is true I need to get her some help. My cell number is 940-229-4438. Her and mike have been married for way more than 9 years and brants realtors is actually a pretty reputable company so I don’t understand the scamming comment. If you are serious about this and you really care about Mike and the kids then please call me. Everyone has issues but when I type my sisters name in the Internet this is not what I expected to come up.
    Brandon Brown
    Concerned brother

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