Lorenzo Teixeira 33, Brockton MA 02301

Lorenzo is a liar and a cheater, I was with him for almost a year and recently I find out that his name is Larry that he doesn’t work a wb mason, he works at Macy’s. He says he has one daughter but he also has a son. A few days ago I found out he was cheating on me with two women that I know of.. One of the ladies told me he gave her an std ( thank G*d I always wore protection). He is a piece of s**t and I want all women out there to know what he’s about. If he has done the same to you, please comment.


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  1. I have been with Larry for the past 6 years. We are engaged and have twins on the way in September. Glad I found out about this. When was the last time you were with him and where are you from? Cuz supposedly he ain’t had a car to travel and I know a lot more that I could post but won’t on a public site.

  2. Omg are you kidding me. I’ve been with him for 3 years I was just with him Saturday night. That explains why he says his always working, cause his busy with all this women. When we first started years ago he gave me chlamydia. Wtf is wrong with him his sick

  3. This is all to much ladies. Lorenzo will always be mine, yeah he likes to f**k around but I will never leave him. EVERLY you tried trapping him by getting pregnant cause he left your ugly fat a*s, he told me everything and LUZ you wanted to trap him cause your old. He can have 10 more kids and that’s fine cause he don’t pay my bills but daddy will always come to me when all you ratchets are stressing him about babies.

  4. I want to let all you ladies know that I have ended things with him. From now on all of you women that want to stay with him can talk amongst yourselves. Please do not email me. I will never understand why women put up with men disrespecting them, but that’s non of my business. Good luck to all of you. Please wear protection when being with him. He’s not worth it, he is a piece of s**t!!!

  5. I have been with Larry off and on for over 7 years he always come back to me. I know for a fact that everly is lying he is not with her he is with a puertorican chick from Brockton. Yes she is pregnant with his babies but he had told me plenty of times he don’t love her cause she got to fat and don’t fix herself. He had the nerve to tell me not to talk to him when his with that puertorican chick cause he loves her and don’t want to lose her but then calls me cause he wants to f**k me. I will always f**k him if I don’t have no one else so ladies remember that.

  6. All this women fighting over a man that’s laying next to me right now. #2 years strong #me and Lorenzo forever #no babymomma coming between us #New Bedford girl.

  7. It feels good having MY man home with me. Yes, he has been with me since last week and he is staying with me. I suggest to all you desperate ladies to move on to someone else cuz he ain’t leaving me. Love wins.

  8. One good thing I got from Larry, this man cleaned my a*****e out and eat my p***y out all night long. I had to take s**t and he told me not to wipe my b**t he will lick it out and man he did a good job…Remember honey when you give him b******b you tasting my a*s off his c**k

  9. All I know is that he picked me up after the club and we went to his house, to the room in the basement. I was with him till 5:30am he was driving a red vw. I’m not going anywhere so get used to it ladies. I love Larry and I’m staying with him no matter what.

  10. I don’t know how your lying a*s can say you were Lorenzo after the club until early hours of the morning because I was with him nice try though want to fabricate another story s*x is always good when I’m with daddy and I could care less what you b*****s have to say I ain’t going no where and going to continue f*****g him silly hoes tricks are for kids

  11. Why you gotta lie. You know he was not with you because we were together. I don’t know who you are and don’t care but stop with the lies. Dumb b*****s!

  12. While you are all arguing about who he’s with or what he does, I’m enjoying him to the fullest. He spends almost every night with me, we go out everywhere together. Keep entertaining each other while I entertain him. Oh, Everly, not even your fake engagement and babies that you know are not his is keeping us apart.

  13. I’ve known him for 3 years..and see him about every other weekend.. He started acting funny and so I’ve backed off..glad I know the truth. He is not worth it..broke a*s n***a

  14. I met Lorenzo a couple of weeks ago at a bar Gigi’s he seemed weird but he was cute. We messed around and then his fiance who’s pregnant with twins contacted me. SMH loser

  15. I met this liar 2 months ago on tinder he told me he works slot that why he can only see me once a week all my girls thought it was weird I google him and I see this. From the beginning he said he loved me in thought that was kinda strange but I kept seeing him. I’m done with his lying a*s. Good luck ladies

  16. All you females have to get a life. I’ve been with this man for a year and we are in love. You have to get something better to do than to be fabricating lies about my man. So sad and I know all these comments were done by his ex Amanda. Move on girl and stop lying that your kids are his cause we all know they’re not. The DNA says he’s not. Pathetic b****

  17. I have been with Lorenzo for almost 10 months now and he has been acting real shady and very secretive. How many more females has this scumbag been s******g besides me? He is so disgusting and it seems to me he doesn’t use rubbers either with anyone, we never used one after the first 3 times we shacked up. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant with his baby, how many kids does this man have?

  18. This is Amanda Lynn Turner. People need to stop fabricating lies about my children. First of there was no DNA done because Larry knows those are his chilldren that’s why he signed the birth certificates, secondly we are engaged and we are getting married in a couple of months. “Get a life” aka Nikki you are the one who needs to get a life you know I’m with Larry and you don’t stop looking for him. All of you lonely women get a life and leave my man alone.
    That’s me and my fiancee at our baby shower. Keep hating losers

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