Lisa Reddick, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lisa Reddick is a homewrecking! My friend told me she found out recently what had happened. So I decided to blast this w***e. Lisa Reddick is supposed to have a fiance named Josh. Well she worked with my friends husband. Knowing he was married and by all means he is in the wrong as well. Knowing this, she still flirts and they ended up having s*x multiple times. So if you know this w***e or if you are her fiance Josh you may wanna as far away as you can. And for all you ladies, hide your men. She is in the United States army and she is a wheeled vehicle mechanic in Colorado Springs, CO which she is now in Hawaii.


One thought on “Lisa Reddick, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. Hey I think I know her and her fiancé and I was trying to find out more because I don’t think he knows

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