Lisa Pritchard, Avon, Connecticut

Lisa cheated on her husband with one of her husband’s closest friends, Erik **. Erik is the husband of a woman who was one of her closest friends. Both Erik and his wife were part of a social group that met frequently for dinner and drinks. Erik coached baseball with Lisa’s husband for five years. To give you an idea of her sociopathic nature, she once met Erik’s wife for lunch and then departed to meet him in a parking lot for a quickie. She also had Erik’s wife over to hand out candy in the neighborhood while her husband and Erik took the four boys trick or treating for Halloween. Earlier that day, she had sexual relations in her home with Erik. She and Erik had s*x at his home while his wife was out of town. They had s*x numerous times in parking lots. And, she had him over to her family’s home even naming one of the rooms in honor of their liaisons. She lied to her husband (now divorced), her sons, and her friends on her activities. Her husband confronted her during the seven month affair and she denied it each time till the husband found emails detailing the affair. He ability to lie without guilt or remorse can be documented. Steer clear. She is a woman who will put herself before her sons’ interests and cares nothing about the consequences. She relishes being the other woman because there are no obligations, but to carry on the “lie.” She is capable of the deepest deceit while smiling at the victims’ faces while doing it.


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