Lisa Ann Starks, Orlando, Florida

I don’t know what I’m supposed to say here. My heart is broken in so many ways I cant explain. I want to tell her husband but I am a good Catholic woman that doesn’t believe two wrongs make a right. Any Advice would be much appreciated. I lay in bed at night crying myself to sleep and I cant make the pain go away. I want her to hurt as much as I do. I’m hoping a little humiliation might make me feel a little better. after several months of them seeing each other she started getting serious. my husband tried to end it but she will not have it. She has been making up outrageous lies just to get him to respond to her messages. From her husband has died in a car crash to I’m pregnant with your baby to the latest my husband has kicked me out and I have no where to live. I asked her nicely to leave us be until my husband and I can work out our own problems but she will not.


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