Liltreg Roberts, Dallas, Texas

this guy does not buy his baby anything i have had to buy the baby cloths shoes pampers to help out his girlfriend tells him that there pre-mature baby only has two bottles left so he decides he wants to ride his gay friends around first and did not return till ater 1am while the baby practically starved all day and cried and the girlfriend who recently suffered from pre-eclampsia suffers from blurred vision so can haly see to get around so the guy just wakes up every morning and decides that he does not want to give a f**k and leaves the girlfriend at home all day to defend herself with a pre-mature baby that is his and 3 other kids that is not his this guy needs his b**t kicked!!!!and the picture was his mugshot for jumping on his girlfriend he also is on probation he drives around all day everyday with no drivers license or insurance and at night likes to smoke k-2 he needs to be exposed and or reported to his probation officer!!!!


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