Lezley Zen, Charleston, South Carolina, United States,

Lezley Zen who is a female adult entertainer, adult actress or female adult performer and whose name also is Tanya Cannon and who happens to come from Charleston, South Carolina is a despicable skin color racist who has practiced her racism and bigotry against African-American males in particular. This is a well known truthful fact concerning Lezley Zen.

The other names that Lezley Zen have used are: Lesley Zen, Leslie Zen, Lesly Zen, Lezlie Zen, and Lezly Zen, Lezleya, Lesley Zena, Leslie Zena, Lezle Zena, and Lezlie Zena.

She has practiced her racism, bigotry, discrimination, and color prejudice in the “industry” that she has worked in against these African-American males because of great hate and great spitefulness against them because of their color of skin and race. Racists like Lezley Zen must be fully exposed, condemned, and denounced for who they are and what they have practiced as racists and bigots. Thus, Lezley Zen as a person is fully condemned as a whole for being the evil and ugly racist that she is.


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