Levon E. Hall; 41; Henderson, NV, USA

Look out ladies! This is the most coldest, uncaring, womanizing sociopath you could ever come across. He is a broke-d**k P***K! He’s okay looking; I know I’ve seen better, but he is SO vain and SUPERFICIAL and thinks that he is gods gift to women. He claims to “know how to treat a woman”; yeah like S**T! That’s how he makes me friend feel. To a point where she was a very strong and confident woman but stripped her of all Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. He does NOT discriminate; age, size, color or gender. He will have s*x with anything and EVERYTHING, and LOVES to be f****d in his a*s! He suffers from small man and micro p***s syndrome. He likes everyone to think that he’s a sugar daddy and takes care of all these women, and there is SOME truth to that I must say. He DOES take care of a lot of women, but he SURE is certainly NO sugar daddy. He takes care of all his women at the expense of one of my good friends. For one he has NO job and cannot hold down a job for more than 12 months. Everything that comes out of his mouth are NOTHING but LIES! He is 41 years old and now dating a 25 year old girl who looks like a hooker or even a transvestite, but that’s just my opinion as well as several of our other friends he’s introduced her too. I guess her face doesn’t matter much to him because he could always put a brown paper sack when they have s*x. To him; she’s young and skinny; he sees potential in her because I’m sure he’ll start pimpin her out soon; cause they’re broke and he’ll need money soon! and don’t get me wrong; Yes, age is merely a number, and unless she’s a con-artist like him that poor girl is in for the most horrific ride of her life. If he hasn’t already started abusing her physically; you can bet your a*s he will be shortly. He likes to talk some very tall tales; being that he is very short he must feel that he needs to compensate for that; who really knows. Right from the start of their relationship I never really believed his stories he’d tell us; he produced Big Mountain, he was took care and put all his friends through college when he himself was in college at the time, he bought his parents house for them, and he was even a hit-man at one point and time in his life. I don’t know about that cause who in their right mind would be so proud to go around bragging about that to ANYONE? I’m not sure about you, but if it were me I wouldn’t be proud of something that; especially advertise it so freely as well. His biggest line to my friend as far as him having a lot of female friends was that a majority of them he never even slept with. He was the kind of man that could just lay there naked and cuddle; according to him. NOW C’mon and give me a f****n break! That may be true but anyone knows Levon; you’ll DEFINITELY know that is UNTRUE! To make this pathetic mans story short; he conned my friend out of just short of $15,000.00 and EVERYTHING that went wrong and even things that are happening to him now; it in his deranged mind says it’s all my friends fault. He is that much a MAN; SCREW him ladies BEWARE of this swindler he will NEVER take responsibility for his own actions. It will ALWAYS be your fault! His ex-wife does not allow him to see his only daughter and he’s always blamed it on her and said that she always fooled around. After getting to know him I know EXACTLY why she doesn’t allow him to see his daughter. It’s sad that poor child has such a dead beat dad! and I’m pretty sure if that poor young girl he is with now; if she’s not already pregnant; be assured he’s TRYING. After all; she IS his meal ticket to the good life. but the worst part of this all is that his parents may not like what he’s doing but they still condone him and his SHADY ways!


7 thoughts on “Levon E. Hall; 41; Henderson, NV, USA

    1. Yes people the original post is ALL ? TRUTH and HE KNOWS IT! Levon Hall posted the previous comment impersonating Lisa Marie. It’s just another one of his ways to show the whole world the kind of shady and dishonest person that he REALLY is to save his a*s from the TRUTH!

    2. YES IT is ALL TRUE ?. He’s now gone to the point of threatening to post naked pictures of her on the internet as his revenge to the original post. That just shows you what kind of man he really is…

  1. I wouldn’t doubt it’s ALL true. He’s a charmer for sure, but don’t let that fool you. Always got some sad story with him as the victim and a big bunch of bullshit. He got me for a couple Bens, but I cut that real fast!

  2. hmm let’s see where shall we begin. So his latest victim she’s 27 and either still married and just enjoying him as her side salad which must be a pleasent change for him for once cause he’s usually the one enjoying his salad. I guess he really your fem domination Del;) but back to our subject. This one she’s either still married and jumping the fence or sadly she’s only 27 and already divorced. I guess maybe something had to give right cause if you’re desperate enough to trust leaving your son with him then you’ve got b***s little girl. As Lee would say I me you I would really watch how just how close they are. The poor boy couldnt even do his part for his own baby girl and look at him now. All grown up still a little man of course but now he’s


    and THERE to save the day for you! Brace yourself he’ll bulk you up with tons of eggs if he’s not already but he will red handedly take EVERYTHING from under your nose without you even knowing it little girl;)

    His true colors are bound to come out one day and just you wait and see it’ll be as REAL as it can get! Youll start to notice a little lie here a bigger one there and before you know it it’ll be TOO LATE because it WILL consume you. Every little small or big lie will take you to the last drop! He if anyone knows you best and I’m sure he’s already planing it in his head how he has you completely because you probably don’t speak English very well so his lies will breeze on by you and you’ll be jus another one driop in the bucket for him and one more name to add to that secret list he has.
    Ah ha hahahaha!

    **Oh and get it right her name is Vanessa NOT Jessica all you big brains out there!

  3. All the while he’s been seeing this one fugly chic who he so kindly hosts in Vegas or wherever the heck they go on her travel benefits or “her dime”; of course cause he’s been seeing her off and on the entire time too. Now he’s apparently officially stepped in to his infamous “uncle daddy” role for; yet again and has since taken the boy under his wing as she moves the boy to Vegas. I guess you could say that’s his way in his demented mind a way to somehow compensate and make up for not being a daddy to HIS OWN daughter; poor child. WAY TO GO Lee! I’m sure she’ll one day be SO proud OF YOU, to call you her dad; especially when you introduce her to her baby brother that one of your many sexy or fugly woman like her will one day give you like you wish;) FYF!

  4. Too bad you couldn’t see it too cause he had her take all their pics off her Facebook page the very next day. lol! Why you shame Lee; let her advertise. Looked like she’s proud to roll with you and you should be proud of your woman too! Fugly and all! lol
    Or are you afraid one of them might just happen to see them happy puckering pics and leave your s***k a*s too, especially when they get to know THE REAL you for who you REALLY are?

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