Leticia García Zamora, Tunnel Hill, Georgia

Leticia García Zamora, meets her victims at work. Once she is chosen she comes up with some lame story about how she is going threw similar problems at home. She then lures him in with Her happy personality because that’s all she has. The lady is very unattractive. Once she has her claws in she makes a move. She secretly records interactions to use against you later to try to get what she wants. She has cost people jobs, marriages, families. She lies and manipulates anyone in her path. She is psychotic and will even use her family as p**n in her sick games. Beware of this w***e. I hope she one day suffers as much pain and heartache as she has caused. This is one lonely, ugly, sick b***h. She is in the Dalton, rocky face, tunnel hill Georgia area and is based in Human Resources. She uses company resources to communicate and has been known to flirt with and engage in physical relations on work property. So employers beware as well. She has been fired from a handful of places for these activities.



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