Leslie Brown, Knoxville, Tennessee

I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. My friend met a man on a blind date set up and 3years later she found out that her boyfriend had another woman the WHOLE time. After the shock wore off she decided to stick it through due to the crazy things his other woman had been doing such as false police reports claiming abuse, breaking and entering, spreading gossip, vandalism, spreading lies and stalking my friend. Although both women were being played she made it out that my friend was in the wrong when it was his fault! This woman destroyed her previous relationship the same way as her ex husband stated. She is very bitter, delusional and self righteous. Every man RUNS away from her and she will continue to harass her exs until another comes along. I couldn’t help but to put her out there after a YEAR and she still seeks my friend out to hurt her in every way possible. She has mental health issues and refuses to seek help. Bless her heart.


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