Leighann Moore, Sunland, California

Leighann Moore from Sunland, Ca is the home wrecker and my now ex-fiancé are currently co-workers. They initially met at the City College several years back but they managed to keep in touch well. There was a brief moment were I suspected that something was going on between them back then, but we had our second child and everything seemed ok. Even though my ex-fiancé and I have two children ages 5 and 1, Leighann also knowing of his status and having met and hung out with me both decided their love and l**t for one another holds no bounds and decided to break up my current home. For 4 months my ex-fiancé has been cheating….they meet up every day at work and they meet up every Monday Wednesday and Friday. They love to go to Sunland Park or drive up to dead end streets around Sunland area and walk up the trails to spend intimate times with each other. My family went on countless stakeouts and have witnessed them out and about, taking pictures and videos for proof. My Mom even went and hired a Private investigator and caught them in the act, out in the wood areas of her neighborhood. I blame my ex-fiancé for everything, but what makes this girl a home wrecker is that she knowing had an relationship with him when he has kids and even hung out with me. My 5 year old is crushed….


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