Lee David Clayworth, Canada

Location of Lee Clayworth as of 2011 is in Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is from Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.


Who they cheated with: Oreo Tang from Thailand working in Macau

How Long: 4 – 9 Months

How I found out: Ask him to show me his emails as he was acting weird after coming back from Thailand. Found out that they met. Confronted him and he lied. 1st, he said that they did not meet, then said that they did but with a bunch of friend. Finally he confess that they had s*x in a friend’s place.

What happened after: His excuse of cheating is that he is too weak to break it off with me like a man. He said that he can’t bear to see me sad if he ask for a break up. So i guess cheating will hurt less for me.And he is doing all this while me and my family is dealing with a death in the family!! Pr*ck!

Warnings: Beware girls, he has GENITAL HERPES. We both had a STD check after he was contracted with Chlamydia. Which he accuse me several times that i had given it to him. Only later i found out that he is cheating on me and he might have gotten it from Thailand. Not sure if it’s from the girl that he is with or with prostitutes.


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