Shes living with a guy and about to get married and gets dumped right before the altar. Boo hoo. Obviosuly she never got over that because right before she is about to get married again, she cheats with him!! She cheats on her fiance with an old boyfriend Keith right before shes about to marry another victim!!!!! She gets caught, lies and cries her way out of it, both families know, she justify it saying shes JJUST having an emotional affair. Which we all know is worst than anything. They marry anyway. Husband starts cheating again too. Gets caught. One is just as bad as the other. So lets bring a baby into the picture. All is seemingly status quo for a while, til they both starts up again. Talk about Jerry springer!


8 thoughts on “LEAH KUCHINSKY CACOPARDO Galloway, New Jersey

  1. I just found out someone I know posted to this page from my email address. I assume you don’t just post comments without verifying it is actually the person who they say they are. Do not post any comments from my email address. I did not authorize it and it is not me. It was my child.

  2. 4realz who do you think you are playing with? I am going to sue you in court of law and this f*****g website reportmyex.com for posting this s**t about me, I have tried to rent house they turn me down because of this post. 4realz you have 72 hours to have this post and all comments removed or i will sue you and this website in court of law..by the way 4realz…what’s your real name?

  3. Hello Leah his real name is Greg Harris, he is a very well known sexaul predator. He moves from state to state all over the world, he likes sites like reportmyex and other where he gets off looking at women and guys on here. He’s been in jail for rape of 12 year old little boy, he is registered sexaul predator you can find more information on this creep at


  4. I don’t know who you people are, but while you might think you ara anonymous, you are not. And whoever put my name and photo up on a sexual predator web site can expect to do actual jail time. I am contacting the FBI immediately. You may think this is some kind of game, but I have a career and kids and a family and reputation that you are s******g with. The owner of this site refuses to remove the comments, and even approved it to be shown after I informed them it was not me who posted it. This is only the beginning.

  5. Thanks alot Shawn Bargo for this information…Greg your words was “Day-um she one ugly witch” then you want to lie to all people say your child did it, when you dont even have children. I guess Greg Harris not taking my name down, so I’ll have to have my lawyer contact your a*s for a lawsuit… I guess this site is worth loading, when there’s no proof what so ever that it was me on the reportmyex… I’m done not writing anymore and I’ll just leave it up to my lawyer….reportmyex can you please send me Greg IP Address and account information because I am going to sue him

  6. As you can see, anyone can claim to be anyone on my site..

    Anyone who wants to come see us, feel free. We are 22 Mumma Ave, Dayton, OH 45405, (937) 279-1298, (937) 276-3582

    And here’s a few of my wife’s aliases…
    LaTasha Breitenstein
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    LaTasha Griffin

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