Lauren Vargas, Crowley, Texas

This is Lauren Vargas. This woman is married yet is continuously cheating on her husband. She goes after married men who are older and have families. She lured my husband in by taking nude photos of herself and sending them to him. She went as far as waking up extremely early to meet my husband at a hotel just to sleep with him before she went to work when my husband was in Fort Worth on business. To prove how shameless they both are. The hotel was bought with the bank card belonging to both my husband and I. Like I wasn’t going to see it or they could care less. When I confronted my husband about Lauren, he decided to stop seeing her. I was in front of him when he spoke with her and stated that Lauren told him to lie and take it all back as if nothing had ever happened. I was in shock that a woman would go that far to break up a family. So, he stopped talking to her. Not even a month later she was back in our family picture! So now he’s with her and the worst part of the situation is that I have a beautiful daughter at home who is now sucidal, failing school when she was an honor student before this happened, and is extremely depressed. I have related this to my husband but he continues to see Lauren and neither one of them seem to care. Lauren has no remorse about what she’s done to my family and will continue to do this to other families. I saw her at a party last December with a man. She was married during that time as well. I don’t understand the logic of being married put sneaking behind your husbands back. Isn’t easier to just get a divorce? Why lie, deceit, and hide everything? It must be sad and lonely being Lauren.


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