Lauren Smeke NEW York NY

Beware of a woman named Lauren Smeke who posts regularly on Craig’s List looking for a sugar daddy. She has been on Craigslist off and on the last 3 years posing as an actress, singer and model when in fact she works as shoe sales person while moonlighting as a prostitute.

The biggest issue is that Lauren Smeke is infected with a sexually transmitted diseases which she has hidden from the men she has met on Craig’s List and may have infected as many as 21 men. She is under investigation by the police and she will stop at NOTHING to withhold the fact that she has an STD and she has stated that her goal is to infect as many men as possible. She is also a financial scammer who will take money from unsuspecting men and she is wanted for over $25000 in credit card fraud as well as by the IRS for income tax evasion

She goes by the allias Stratton Cat Elle Smith Laurn Alissa Lauren S Allisa and she should be considered extremely dangerous. If you meet her she will lure you into having unprotected s*x with you with the explicit intent of trying to infect you with her STD. She has recently had a breakout so the risks of having unprotected s*x with her are heightened so avoid this woman at all,costs

She also is a serial cheater who goes on rampages that involve having reckless unprotected s*x with as many as 8 men at the same time


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