Lauren Lorusso, Waterbury, Connecticut

Lauren is my husband’s coworker who lend an ear to my husband while I was dealing with postpartum depression. He’s a little child who hangs with only married men to help her pay more her addiction to alcohol and makeup. She sells cars and rips everyone off for a living. The funny party is set has a pointless degree in Family Raltions from Uconn. She calls the cops on the wives who confront or text her. Her parents get involved as though she is still a teenager. My husband vented to her and drank with her. One night he got so drunk from the stress we were dealing with at home while on a date with her. He said it wasn’t a date but I don’t believe it. She let him drive off almost killing himself. She picked him up from the police station and spent the night with him according to my records. She is a coward because she refuses to speak with me. She ruined my family. My 3 year old cries for her daddy. Lauren once said it’s not my problem your daughter misses her daddy and that I shouldn’t have drove him crazy. How dare she, I was ill!!!! He is of course is to blame !!! I will be divorcing him so that’s my solution to that. But her, well everyone needs to keep their men away from her. She plays off as a cute, innocent, free spirit. Of course she has no kid’s and no responsibilities. She just drives her acura rsx around, wears excessive amounts of makeup, straightened her dry , nasty afro ponytail, and has s*x with married men. Her teeth are like fangs and I believe she has some type of Testosterone issue, her arms are hairer than a gorilla. If she makes back with my soon to be ex, i hope he feeds her better, she is scrawny and as my husband describes her, she has a body of a ten year old boy. Looks like my husband is gay and a pedofile… having s*x with 10 year old boys. Lol. Well this all is actually not funny at all. It’s heartbreaking. We just bought a new home and my baby girl was so excited about her princess room. We have relocated while the cheater is chilling probably talking to her still although he claims she now has a boyfriend. This girl and my husband destroyed my family. I will never forgive either one of them.


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