Lauren Lorusso, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Lauren Lorusso, Waterbury, Connecticut is not only a cheater in relationships but she is also a cheater of another type. She is a race-hating racist bigot who is against men who are African-American or Black being that there is a deep-seated hatred within her against their skin color and skin complexion as a whole. This deep-seated hatred that she has within against African-American males or Black males has led her also to despise them and scorn and sneer at having a serious relationship with them because she hates their darker skin tone. This cheats these men from being seen as an equal human being as Lauren Lorusso also is with them. Lauren Lorusso of Waterbury, Connecticut is simply a cesspool of race-hating racism and this racist and prejudiced piece of scum is put here to unmask her for being the slimy, gross, foul, repugnant, revolting, repulsive and disgusting racist and skin color prejudiced cesspool she totally is.


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