Lauren LaSpina Paoletti, Colorado

A cheater who asks guys if they want to shower with her. She will then start stalking you. She likes to cheat while traveling for work. Beware, if you sleep with her she will harass you for years with texts, emails and phone calls. She lures you back to her hotel room and might ask if you want to shower with her once you get there. I suggest you don’t if you are line me and aren’t even attracted to her and don’t feel like having a stalker. I just wish this loon would leave me alone. Biggest regret of my life. She disgusts me.


2 thoughts on “Lauren LaSpina Paoletti, Colorado

  1. I know she had fun during Pack Expo in Las Vegas. I don’t think she thought anyone else knew what she was up to. But I know she hooked up at least once. Not every one is fooled by your act.

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