Lauren Grace Craft, Ridgeland, Missouri

This little 21 year old Lauren Grace Craft started working for Pafford ambulance service as an emt in February of 2018, and was stationed to do her clinical at my husband’s fire station. This is when she went after my man and made him believe there is no reason to be married if we didn’t want children, and that he shouldn’t be tied down to a relationship when he could have any one and do what ever he wanted if he was to leave me. She got him to start going out to clubs and staying with her in her apartment, he was getting shitfaced hours before he had to go into work at the fire department. She would call him to get him to leave me at home to come see her while she was supposed to be working on the ambulance. Doing all she could to keep him from being around me because she knew the more he saw me the more he started to care for me again. After two weeks of me beating myself up thinking I was the reason he wanted a divorce, because I couldn’t believe my husband would have been cheating on me, I caught him red handed. She tells him to move in with her so he won’t have to be around me, because she found out that he was still having s*x with me and still loved his f*****g wife. Instead of being a respectable woman, and cutting him out of her life when she found out that he wasn’t being honest or faithful to her because he was f*****g married to ME, Lauren continued to try and pull apart our marriage that had never been “on the rocks” previously. After all that she talked him into then coming to our home while I wasn’t here and taking everything that was of value and smashing our $1200 TV that was to big for them to take. This b**ch has ruined the amazing relationship me and my husband had and took away our future together. I hope she gets what’s coming to her and she gets a taste of her own medicine. This girl is trash, and will never be loved by a man because who TF could respect some one that has no morals and can put herself in the middle of some one else’s marriage she had no place being in.

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