Laura Hines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I was married to my husband for almost seven and half years while incarcerated. This woman had kids with his best friend since he was a kid. She would try to Facebook friend me and try to have her man Facebook friend me after my husband’s mom died. She would go with her man and see my husband, but then she eventually started seeing him alone and bringing her kids up there. She had a very inappropriate relationship with my husband and she felt she was doing no wrong. She posted on Facebook how happy he made her and how she can’t wait until her next visit. She tried to deny everything, but is now in a relationship with him. She tries to act like she is frie ds with all these guys, but then would tell my husband how she is sleeping with these guys and their girls just think they are friends. If this woman is friends with your man, she is trying to sleep with him. She doesn’t take care of her kids, her parents always have them. She allows drugs around her kids and she drinks every weekend. She works at a daycare that her own child has been kicked out of and she tries to play it off like it’s no big deal. She is complete white trash and need a to get a clue.


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