Kyesha Diana Lowery-Willauer

kyeshadianalove also goes by Kyesha Lowery-Willauer or Kyesha G or Kye or Kyesha or Kyesha Diana Lowery-Willauer or klowerywillauer. She is a married woman, a cheater, a liar and a deadbeat mother who has abandoned her oldest children. She has a baby by a white guy from NY (Paul Kreigstein) who she extorted for money by having the baby he never wanted (and even offered 10k to abort). She is a longtime drug user (pills and heroin) and is addicted to being in physically and mentally abusive relationships. She currently lives in Colorado (Boulder area) and has lived in Ithaca NY in the past. She never only dates one guy and she never has been divorced from her husband.
Kyesha has instigated housing fraud against E.F.A.A. (Emergency Family Assistance Program) in Boulder, works at Tiny Minder Preschool in Boulder under the false pretense that she has received her Bachelor’s degree (she has yet to even receive a GED/high school diploma) and she has an open probation case in Tompkins County for a ‘Felony Larceny’ charge that she is on the run for probation violation…in short, Kyesha is a scumbag to the utmost extent.
*And most of the men (boys) she manipulates into dating her don’t care that she was diagnosed with HPV, Herpes and chlamydia in September of 2010. She also clearly has mental disabilities. Her most recent bf (Patrick from Thorton, CO) has been physically abusing Kyesha and her baby daughter (Ana*s) for the past 10 months and she is in the midst of a very serious drug and negative mental health relapse. If you meet her she will seem sweat until you get to know her and she latches on to suck your life and energy. My family and I are truly blessed that she has disappeared from our lives and I hope everyone else who has been cursed by her will someday be set free.


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  1. This post was written by Anthony Gallucci. My ex girlfriend had to leave town because he harassed her because she wouldn’t have s*x with him. She was sleeping at his house watching their children when he touched her inappropriately, and when she told him no he harassed her for several weeks until she had to move. He would call the cops on her even CDHS. He called her boss, her job, until eventually she had to leave town. She disappeared and now unfortunately doesn’t even feel safe to tell me where she is. He is a sociopath and a clinical diagnosed narcissist. He is freaking crazy, and even think she was hooking up with some dude from Thornton she has never met. That’s how stupid the ni is! I hope you all stay away.

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