Kristin Gullett, League City, Texas

Found messages between her and my husband that said you not calling in parentheses with a sad face behind it asked him and her about it he worked with her called her several times he lied she lied found out that they had been sleeping together for a good three months shes been married three times divorced three times her last husband was a in jail for beating her a*s for cheating. Shes a disgusting fat w***e that will still your husband lie to your face and not even think twice about f*****g him while your kids and your home wondering where your husband is.husband will be dealt with separately but I tried to talk to this person woman to woman a couple of times and so she deserves no sympathy for me at this point shes a disgusting pig. Ladies watch your men and if she works with your husband be at extra worried. She has no boundaries and she will go to any extreme to sleep with your married man she knew my husband was married and pursued him coarse my husband is a tear to you but this person doesn’t care she will sleep with your man because she wants to have baby real bad.



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