Kris Mckay, Fargo, North Dakota

So u like being a w***e bag hoe do u ain’t much u could do by the looks of u really got something to brag about be proud of something that’s not yours to mess with tisk tisk shame on your dumb a*s for stupidy little girl karmas coming for you and bringing her sister to school your a*s and show u what playing games is all about I got your piece keeper and babysitter one on each shoulder first rule don’t mess with what’s not yours it will came back only to punch u in the throat ouch obviously your mamma never taught u any manners or gave u any morals to live by living life by her standards look where it got her and her poor little trap ain’t amounting to s**t now are u keep it up their troulp hag your days are numbered better hope someone’s in a good mood when your time comes remember I don’t play well with stupid people like u and I most certainly don’t share with the likes of u I can always get my own and I’ve never been desperate as u are ….how did I taste this time I’ll be leaving u with a bad taste in your mouth for other girls men promise u that.


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