Kris Berliner, Newberg, Oregon

I meant kris off of date hook up over a year ago. When we meant we hit off good. He told me that he just got out of a relationship with his crazy ex girlfriend. Gave me all the lines of how bad she was and crazy. Told me that he just wanted to be happy. So I wanted to take it slow and he wanted to call me his girlfriend right off the bat. So anyways started dating. He would text me 80-100 a day. Came to see me every Thursday and not going to lie he is good in bed. All of sudden he stop texting me and made excuses to not see me. Always blamed me. Always said that I made things about me. So long story short he got mad at me stop talking to me left me hanging and when I asked what was going on just texted me ” leaves alone”. I guess his gf was there. He told her thatwe were never dating that we just talked.So after that I found out that he a second fb account. And found out that him and his gf never broke up. I found out he does this a lot. So be careful of him. He is a cheater


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