Kirsten Price, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Kirsten Price who is an Adult Actress, Woman/Female Adult Performer, and Female/Woman Adult Entertainer and whose original name is Katherine Barrett is to be considered a Blacklisted racist adult actress because of the fact that she is a racist bigot who is against especially African-American men or Black males specifically. Kirsten Price’s racist discriminatory practices in terms of being against these individuals is all based upon the fact of her treating these individuals/men inferior or less than her because of their race being different from her own. This simply springs out from the intense hatred, racist ill will, and racist bitterness she has against them. Kirsten Price by the way comes from Providence, Rhode Island.

Kirsten Price also goes by these other names such as J.J. Holly, Kristen Price, and Jadra Holly but despite this she must be fully discredited and fully denounced for being the diabolical, malice-filled, hideous, appalling, and detestable racist bigot that she is because being such makes her the narrow-minded and small-minded racist swine and racially biased degenerate that she will always truly and truthfully be.


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