Khareem Sudlow, Elmont, New York

Don’t believe a word he says. Its all lies. He is whats you would call a pathological lair and a hypochondriac. He loves to be the one person better and all about him. He will feeds you more lies about him cheating on you and he even makes you feel sorry for him, tells sobbing stories which are more lies. He has herpes so beware. He will spread them and tells you hasn’t been with many girls which are more lies. He will make you fall for him feed you every line in the book ad open doors for you to make you feel you are the one.



One thought on “Khareem Sudlow, Elmont, New York

  1. Joy you are so petty. Like we don’t know your the one that posted this bag of lies. So if you want to voice to the world about how you feel about me kicking you out after being caught in the same day. sleeping with him and getting woke up the way you did that’s your problem for being a petty lying hoe and don’t you have a boyfriend.
    Maybe we should post about you. Secondly maybe you have herpes too…

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