Kevin Murray, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

When I met Kevin Murray, he told me he was single. He was friendly on our first date and very personable. He told me his ex and he had broken up months before, because she was never around. Within the first couple weeks, he got caught up in his lies, after I confronted him about being so strange- he’d lied about things regarding Facebook, his phone, and tons of other things. He admitted he was still seeing his “ex” who he’d been with for a year, and could not break up with her because her father had recently passed away when he was about to break up with her. I stupidly continued things with him, because he showed me “evidence” of his story being true (I know, I was an idiot, I’ve learned my lesson, trust me). He strung me along, until he said he’d broken up with her- showed me falsified text messages, created a fake Facebook profile to add me on and more to make it look like he’d broken up with her. He introduced me to a girl he now claims was his cousin who he paid to say was his sister. After being caught in more lies, I broke up with him, and called the other woman, who also broke up with him. He then proceeded to call me repeatedly, screaming at me, left me voice mails and sent me texts constantly. He eventually stopped, and then picked it back up, texting and calling me, begging me to get back with him, and begging me to have s*x with him- which is pathetically all he wants women for. I recently sent him a text, asking about something work- related, because I thought that after several months he’d gotten over it, and it was a question I needed an answer to. Instead, he begins sending me texts full of obscenities and sent 15 text messages in thirty minutes, all full insults and cuss words. Kevin Murray’s a pathological liar, a horndog, and a scumbag. And unfortunately, not even that good looking and certainly not good in bed… He doesn’t believe in foreplay, oral s*x or anything fun. He’s a missionary done in few minutes kind of guy. Stay away from him, because he might seem friendly and nice at first but it’s all a lie. He’s also a real estate agent in the Palm Beach area, so make sure you’re not finding housing through this “man.”


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